Dear Wikimedians,

Community members from the Wikimedia Community Usergroup in Uganda, and East Africa have just submitted local and regional implementation grant requests for Wikimedia 2030, please endorse, review, and comment on these two applications;
  1. Collective impact in Uganda towards Wikimedia2030
  2. East African Regional commitments for implementation in 2021
For the local application, we hope to collaborate with other aligned Open Knowledge organisations like the Creative Commons Chapter [3] in Uganda, together with the OpenStreetMap Uganda Community (MapUganda [4])

Then for the regional application, we have been in-touch with community members from Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, and we hope to reach out to Wikimedians in 
Burundi, DR. Congo, South Sudan, and Ethiopia who were previously involved in the East African Strategy Summit [5] in 2019, as well as the 2020 prioritisation events [6]

Looking forward to your feedback, and apologies for cross-posting.

Kind regards, keep safe!!


Ssebaggala Douglas | Skype: douglo.m | Twitter: @douglaseru | Mob - Uganda: +256 772 422524