Does Wikinews cover this aspect?

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Independent of my opinions on the validity of such a new Wikimedia project, there is currently an experiment of similar goals (and potentially structure) over at Twitter: 


On Thu, Feb 4, 2021 at 2:17 PM Leinonen Teemu <> wrote:
Hi all,

Has there been any discussion to start a new Wikimedia project focusing on fact checking?

Fact checking of course is in the core of editing Wikipedia, but I was thinking about dedicated wiki-site that is dedicated for fact checking of current events and news. Why this would be important?

(1) There are many fact checking site in the English speaking world but much less elsewhere. I am afraid that there is still greater need for fact checking in the rest of the world. {{Citation needed}}

(2) Our community is very well educated to do fact checking the wiki-way. Again internationally, many of our community members are real fact champions in their home countries and language groups. The practice of Wikipedia could be applied to fact checking of fast moving current events and news, too.

(3) This could help us to get new young people to the movement, as editing Wikipedias is not anymore so easy to start (because they are so good already).

(4) In many parts of the world, fact checking can also be dangerous. With our anonymous and community driven practices and services we could protect the fact checkers in many parts of the world.

I am not sure what is the state of the Wikinews, but my impression is that it is not really working. It was a good idea, but maybe wiki or wiki-way is not the way to produce news. Also the beautiful idea of citizen journalism has not really become reality. Maybe we could try if wiki and the wki-way works better in fact checking.


         - Teemu

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