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Prizes or awards are key to volunteer organisations such as Wikimedia. It's one way of providing motivation or encouraging continuous participation. Even so, it's often very hard to decide on what could be an ideal prize for a campaign. We have been hearing lots of questions from organizers about appropriate criteria, types and amounts as prizes for a campaign. The Wikimedia Foundation Campaigns Team invites you to our next virtual office hour on 25th March at 3:00pm UTC via zoom[1] to discuss this topic with organizers experienced at using prizes as part of competitions.[2] 


The Campaigns Office hour is an opportunity to learn about how others have organized content campaigns, new or emerging tools and tactics, and ask questions about how campaigns have been implemented by other organizers. 

The goal of this office hour will be to evaluate organizer concerns and challenges, with a particular focus on helping photography campaigns and content writing campaigns in creating consistent prize philosophies within the Wikimedia Movement. Our recent office hour explained the 2021 WikiForHumanRights Campaign dubbed “Right to a Healthy Environment” (watch video).[3] We talked about decentralized activities around the theme and how to access mentoring and rapid grants.


Join us for the next office hour:

Looking forward to learning, discussing and sharing with you!


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Felix Nartey

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