Very cool ! Nice work, would love to see more of these reports on the posting experience, thanks for sharing this.

On Wed, May 31, 2023 at 4:22 AM Kunal Mehta <> wrote:
(changing the subject seems long overdue)

Hi all,

I wanted to share two cool things related to Mastodon and Wikimedia.

First, it's now possible to verify your Wikimedia account on
Mastodon[1]. The documentation for this is at
<>. Thanks to Taavi
who led the technical development and all the other people who provided
input during the process[2].

On 4/13/23 03:11, Kunal Mehta wrote:
> In any case, I'm primarily writing this email to let people know that we
> have started a community-run Wikipedia Mastodon account, which you all
> are invited to follow at <>, and more
> importantly contribute to, details of which are available at
> <>.

The @Wikipedia account has been posting about a month and a half now, so
I've written up a report of the experience and reception so far and
provided metrics[3] on individual posts:
<>. (We'll aim to do
similar metrics reports in the future, but likely won't advertise it as
widely as this list unless there's a desire for it.)

[1] For free, no need to pay $8 for the checkmark.
[3] All of these metrics are public, but require a bit of scripting to

-- Kunal / Legoktm
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