Are you ... sealioning WMF staff?  Please don't.  🎢

You've been posting a lot lately, when that happens one can forget to be kind.  I do find you're taking an overly jaundiced view.

Fewer, shorter messages keep the list more usable by others. You don't need to respond to everyone.  Rants and nitpicks are better suited to channels without mass push-notifications, like the wiki.  There's an FAQ on Meta for every 990, as you know, for Qs like this. 

And you should stop calling out individual staff, period.  Including for salary analyses. That is the least informative (for reasons Christophe laid out) and most disruptive use of the public information which we are all glad to have access to. 

Warmly, SJ
(ramping back my own posting for a while!)

On Mon, Jan 31, 2022 at 9:11 AM Andreas Kolbe <> wrote:
Dear WMF accounts staff,

Could you kindly clarify whether the "Salaries, other compensation, employee benefits" figure in Part I, line 15 of the Form 990 relates solely to the 291 employees indicated in Part I, line 5, or whether it also includes salaries, compensation and benefits for the 82 contractors listed in Part V, line 1a of the Form 990.

Thank you.


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