Dear Movement members,

Wikimedia Deutschland (WMDE) launched UNLOCK last year, an acceleration program which aims to “innovate in free knowledge” by promoting and supporting teams that are working on free knowledge projects and helps them turn their idea into a functional prototype [1]. In the context of movement strategy, WMDE is interested in building the innovative capacity of our movement, and with UNLOCK we seek to actively contribute to recommendation 9 "Innovate in Free Knowledge".

The first edition of the program was held in Germany in 2020 and was a great success [2]. This year, we scaled to Europe. UNLOCK is open to volunteers from the existing Wikimedia projects, but also to those who are not yet part of the Wikimedia movement. We are looking for change makers, activists, technologists and creative minds who are eager to turn their idea into a concrete prototype or product/service.

UNLOCK 2021 is now ready! 24 project teams from 17 countries (13 of them from the European region, 4 even from outside Europe) applied and submitted their ideas for our program focus Trust in the Digital Age [3]. 3 project proposals were submitted by members of Wikimedia project communities. Five (out of 24) of the teams were selected to participate in our three-month accelerator program. This is a brief summary of the participating teams and their approaches (a more detailed description can be found at the UNLOCK website [4]):
The program will kick-off on July 1&2, 2021 and ends by beginning of October. We are super thrilled to be able to support these promising projects and help them further develop in the coming months. If you want to be updated about the development of these projects, please follow us on Twitter [5] or check out our Blog for regular updates [6].


Kannika Thaimai (she/her)
Leitung / Lead UNLOCK Accelerator
UNLOCK Accelerator: We accelerate your ideas. Together we build the future of Free Knowledge.
UNLOCK is a program initiated and implemented by Wikimedia Deutschland.
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