How lovely.  Thank you Dirk for your work on this. 
I was just today talking with a friend about how one might customize a beautiful wikibook and potentially give it its own permanent ID and, say, contribute it to the Open Library.  

On Sat, Apr 23, 2022 at 10:14 AM Dirk Hünniger via Wikimedia-l <> wrote:
Hi Juergen,

the mediawiki2latex tool is still used see

it can handle complex tables. It is fully open source, distributed as a
debian package, which can run on an OS as a docker container. Currently
I am only investing little time to keep it working. Still I could do
more if demand rises in the furtuer

Yours Dirk

On 22.04.22 22:19, Juergen Fenn wrote:
> Dear Erik,
> Dear list,
> Am 22.04.22 um 21:35 Uhr schrieb Erik Moeller:
>> That specific book is a good example of the problems that we've always
>> had with PDF generation by way of LaTeX, such as complex tables. Also
>> note the intermittent appearance of unsupported tags in the output.
>> As far as I know, the renderer they use is still partially
>> proprietary. I'm not sure if it would still be seen as valuable to
>> open source fully, given that LaTeX is indeed probably a technical
>> dead-end for these kinds of conversions, and given that the codebase
>> is very old.
> You might like to know that there is a more recent free
> MediaWiki-to-LaTeX project that is actively maintained by Dirk Hünninger
> and can be tried out on WMF Labs:
> I understand that Dirk produced some PDF versions for German Wikibooks,
> but I do not know whether he is still contributing.
> I put Dirk in CC to let him know we speak of matters LaTeX. Maybe he
> would like to join the conversation.
> Best regards,
> Jürgen.
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