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I am happy to give you the TL;DR version: 

As best I can make out, the WMF's average salary cost per employee is now about $200,000. 

More could be said, of course:

– The WMF had already exceeded its revenue goals for the 2021/2022 fiscal year by the end of March, bringing in over $150 million in the first three quarters[1] (total expenses last year were $107 million).

– Including the endowment, I estimate the WMF now has about $400 million in assets (almost all in cash and investments). 

– In India, past donors are reporting being inundated with daily WMF emails telling them money is needed to keep Wikipedia online, independent, ad-free and thriving.[1]

– Internet hosting costs are $2.4 million per year, and Erik Möller thought in 2013 the Wikimedia mission was sustainable on $10M+/year.

– Very little of Wikimedia's money actually goes to India (0.64 million in 2020 for all of South Asia, per Form 990).[3]


Those are interesting data points..