Angela wrote:
 --- Jimmy Wales <> wrote: 
It is very poor form, at the very least, 
for them to call themselves "A Wikipedia".  
They may be a Wiki, they may be a Wiki Encyclopedia,
but they are not "A Wikipedia".
I have some excellent news. After contacting the
Diagonal Media Group, the parent company of, they have replaced the claim that they
are "A Wikipedia" with a more appropriate title for
their pages. Wikipedia, and the Wikimedia Foundation,
are, of course, still linked to at the end of each
Excellent news indeed - thank you for your work, Angela. At least on this occasion, nobody will be able to say that we don't protect our trademarks. There remain, of course, the questions of whether, when, and where to register those trademarks, an issue I expect the board will take up once it is fully constituted.

--Michael Snow