Good idea !

I have created two (very meager to be honest) entries on Wikiquote (in French and in English) about a Nigerian lady, Anie Akpe.
(She has no Wikipedia article, just saying, maybe worth checking if she is notable enough ;) )

<Without too much shame.... promotion mode activated>

This is the perfect opportunity to promote the SheSaid drive starting today (for two months)

For those who do not know the #SheSaid drive (second edition), this is about giving a bit of love to Wikiquote, and to balance the gender gap at the same time.

So if you want to do something super cool for wikiquote, for women and for Nigeria today... all in one package...

----> go create an entry about a Nigerian women today on Wikiquote... hashtags #shesaid #NG


PS: Love you ❤️ Shola ;)

Le 01/10/2021 à 09:59, Olushola Olaniyan a écrit :


Hello friends 

Today is the Nigeria  independence day anniversary, join us across the globe to celebrate the birth of our Nation by editing any Nigeria related articles in your language on @Wikipedia and please add #NG to your summary.

Let's do it together .

We love ❤️ you all!!!

Olushola Olaniyan
President  Wikimedia User Group Nigeria

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