Thanks Jay for your insights. I just had a meeting with some of the team members. If they can't develop a modern and useful design in a reasonable time lapse, then the team is underfunded. Having a big team is not always better, having a team big enough to work on something it should be solved a decade ago should. If design is subjective, then we don't need any design. Design is not subjective, as aesthetics aren't. There are tons of things published about good designs and bad designs. There are tons of things we could do but we aren't doing because we don't hire people to do it. But we have 100 million dollars, that would be great saved in a vault, instead of making our project better, so we can raise 300 million dollars because more people is coming to share more knowledge in more ways for more people.

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I think design is a subjective term. It depends on person-to-person preferences. So there will always be a big room for improvement.

WMF's Readers web team is already working to improve the design. They did research and implemented new designs. We should always cooperate with them by giving feedback so that more improvement can take place.

Currently, this team has 14 team members and consists of 3 UX Designer/Engineers. So saying that they are not big enough is not good. Please keep in mind that a big team is not always a good idea. [1][2]


Jay Prakash

On Fri, Oct 15, 2021 at 12:27 AM Tito Dutta <> wrote:
Indeed, the lack or modernisation of the web interface, and lack of an improved Android/iPhone (or simply "smartphone") editing app[1] are possibly some of the major areas to focus.
If the "next billion internet users", a term we often used to use are not getting involved as much as we expected, possibly "interface" is one reason behind it.

[1] I am aware of the currently available apps.

শুক্র, 15 অক্টো., 2021 12:03 AM তারিখে Galder Gonzalez Larrañaga <> লিখেছেন:
Dear all,
Today I learned that, despite having $100 million in the Endowment fund, we can't have a design team big enough to make our websites not look like they're stuck in 2001. I don't know if anyone is behind the wheel, but the car is expensive.


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