I hope we are not forced to connect Commons categories to Wikipedia categories because of that, which has been a nasty side effect of connecting things through Wikidata, due to  misunderstanding the Gallery space in Commons and taking it for some kind of equivalent to articles, which it is not in the least.
But a huge lot of Commons categories probably should never have any Wikidata item (ex: "Eiffel Tower taken from the west corner of the Trocadero terrace" (don't know if this one exists, but that's the kind of stuff we usually create there to classify views), so I'm not especially confident that should be done.


Mike Peel <email@mikepeel.net> escreveu no dia sábado, 18/12/2021 à(s) 23:10:
Hi all,

Over the last few years, over 3.6 million Wikimedia Commons categories
have gained an infobox that displays information from Wikidata in the
reader's language. I would like to see this expanded so that all Commons
categories have a multilingual infobox.

I've started an RfC about this at:

If you're interested in this topic, please comment there.

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