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Hi everyone. I have seen some of the reactions to the narratives generated by Chat GPT. There is an obvious question (to me at least) as to whether a Wikipedia chat bot would be a legitimate UI for some users. To that end, I would have hoped that it would have been developed by the WMF but the Foundation has historically massively underinvested in AI. That said, and assuming that GPT Open source licensing is compatible with the movement norms, should the WMF include that UI in the product?

This is a cool idea but what would the goals of developing a Wikipedia-specific generative AI be? IMO it would be nice to have a natural language search right in Wikipedia that could return factual answers not just links to our (often too long) articles.

OpenAI models aren’t open source btw. Some of the products are free to use right now, but their business model is to charge for API use etc. so including it directly in Wikipedia is pretty much a non-starter. 

My other question is around the corpus that Open AI is using to train the bot. It is creating very fluid narratives that are massively false in many cases. Are they training on Wikipedia? Something else?

They’re almost certainly using Wikipedia. The answer from ChatGPT is: 

ChatGPT is a chatbot model developed by OpenAI. It was trained on a dataset of human-generated text, including data from a variety of sources such as books, articles, and websites. It is possible that some of the data used to train ChatGPT may have come from Wikipedia, as Wikipedia is a widely-used source of information and is likely to be included in many datasets of human-generated text.”

And to my earlier question, if GPT were to be trained on Wikipedia exclusively would that help abate the false narratives

Who knows but we would have to develop our own models to test this idea. 

This is a significant matter for the  community and seeing us step to it would be very encouraging.

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Victoria Coleman
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