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It is just like evacuating a village before a typhoon hits, or a volcano erupts. It's going to inconvenience a few people but it's better than doing nothing.  Some people may not return to the village but the villagers were saved and they'll be ready if it happens again even taking proactive steps beforehand.

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Hello Maggie,

First of all, as others have pointed out, this English-Chinese translation is horrendous. I am pretty certain even Google translate wouldn't contain this much of misused characters. Please revise this translation.

Second, you have made some very serious allegations in this statement but with little substantiating evidence of any sort. I do not know what kind of organizational and administrative power Wikimedia Foundation has over the Wikipedia community, regional communities, and others; but even if the power demonstrated in this statement is correctly vetted, there is still tremendous burden of proof to explain this action. Otherwise this statement would be simply another misguided political attempt in a community that it does not belong, as well as further damaging the communities of Wikimedians in a region that really should have received much more support in order to extend the reach of free knowledge.
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