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Dear all,
I don't know if this already has a name, but I'm going to invent one: The Great Circle of Excuse. It works like this: we have all realized that something needs to be improved, let's say the design of our website. Then, WMF gets a group of workers to think about it, and they come up with some changes that neither respond to the needs nor are really a change beyond certain aesthetic resources.

I stopped reading at this point. What you've written here is pretty insulting. There's a valid point buried under your rhetoric, but you're exacerbating the problem by being so rude and dismissive.

You misspelled "exemplifying the problem", Dan! :)

It's exactly this sort of "no, no, everything you've done is wrong" that is what Jonathan Morgan was talking about. And then a followup within a minute to blame someone, again.

It is worth noting that it's a bunch of ex-employees who are piping up here; current employees know they can't weigh in without their competence, ethics, integrity, motives, etc. being questioned, which makes it even harder to do the rest of their already hard jobs, so they have good reason to mostly stay quiet. Jonathan, Heather, Dan and I are speaking up in part because we've walked a mile in these shoes and... it sucks. Big hugs to both the current team and to the diaspora. Miss you all.

(For what it is worth, I think the current mobile app is pretty good and I regularly finding pleasant surprises, like the iOS picture-of-the-day widget, which brightens my every day with free content/knowledge. I do have many nitpicks and wishlist items, and of course always wish things moved faster, but I think it's pretty unfair to say (especially on mobile) that nothing has improved.)