"Moving forward" would involve directly addressing and fixing this shocking example of board malgovernance, not corporate-doublespeaking about the future in a way that avoids any and all culpability and transparency for this gross ethical lapse. This doesn't need to be "explained" to us; it needs to be remedied. Preferably with pen, paper, and farewells for the pushers of this latest débâcle.



On Thu, Jun 24, 2021 at 10:27 PM <aketon@wikimedia.org> wrote:
Hello again,
Thank you to everyone that has provided valuable feedback. Moving forward, we will articulate and follow the best practices that emerge from these important discussions and our corresponding review of the attendant policies, procedures, and practices. Developing a more clear and consistent policy approach to future decisions is important for us.
Maggie had been planning to do a community office hour in July in order to avoid conflicting with annual plan discussions and Movement Strategy meetings. We’ve decided instead to host that time next week. I’ll be there as General Counsel and also as a member of the transition team and am working to see if the other members of the Transition Team or Board of Trustees will be able to join me so we can discuss any further questions or concerns you may have. I’m prioritizing doing this sooner over making sure everyone can attend. It’s less notice than we would like to give, but otherwise it would be well into July before we’d be able. The time and details will be coming very soon, hopefully tomorrow.
Best regards,
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