Dear Wikimedians,

The pseudonymous list subscriber "hillbillyholiday" is on moderation.

This is an opportunity to re-iterate that the Universal Code of Conduct[1] applies to all Wikimedia spaces, including mailing lists hosted on the Wikimedia servers, like this one.  Asserting, even indirectly ("anyone") that one's interlocutor is a Nazi, violates the UCoC, and will not be tolerated.

Long-time subscribers know we tolerate a lot of criticism of projects, plans, and opinions on this list -- even *unfounded* criticism -- provided it is *civil* and compliant with behavior expectations.

Please refrain from further violations of the UCoC, but by all means continue to disagree with each other and to express criticism.

   Asaf Bartov, list admin (volunteer role)


Asaf Bartov <>