The WMF Community Events team are proposing a short training series for Wikimedia community event organizers (volunteers and affiliate staff) where we will bring in an expert facilitator and event producer both with international event experience to discuss the importance of incorporating quality facilitation into your events and how to do it. This will likely be a two part series of 75 - 90 minute sessions where each session will include training, active facilitation practice and modeling, and some discussion around how this fits specifically into the Wikimedia context and how this can help strengthen your community building efforts with diverse, multi-modal facilitation best practices.

Depending on the interests of the participants we will focus more heavily on in person or remote events - but both event types will be covered.

Please read more about this training series and express interest here before April 2:  https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Events_Team_Portal/FacilitationSeries

Questions welcome on the talk page!

Rachel Farrand
Senior Program Officer 
Community Events Team 
Wikimedia Foundation