Just had the opportunity to take a quick listen, and I echo the appreciation. Amanda, thank you for your great tone and attitude in this. It is more than I dared to hope for at this short timeframe. I realize this is a team effort, but it would have been easy for you to dump this on someone else's plate - so extra appreciate this. 


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> Dear all,
> I have been reading and closely following this and many other similar topics for a long time. I am sorry to say that for me, organising a concept like an "Office Hour" and doing so via Youtube for a concern of these dimensions (that affects the whole reputation of the movement), is not "remedied and learned from both quickly and openly". B

Hmm for those who don't have 1:03 to burn the highlights were:

Consulted 30 people. Wasn't aware of affiliate standards. Still not
decided what to do. Should be deciding what to do in the next few

The main defence for it not being a COI was that the budget presented
to the board isn't detailed enough for the board to be aware that the
position would exist.

In terms of the offered contract renumaration was based on market
comprability and simular WMF contacts. Contract is 0-40 hours which
could mean anything.

Plan to consult an aditional lawyer in future but given that 30 people
were already consulted I'm not sure how that is meant to help.

Less related is that there is a new budget format coming up and
they've got as far as CEO candidates

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