This Month in GLAM is a monthly newsletter documenting recent happenings within the GLAM project, such as content donations, residencies, events and more. GLAM is an acronym of Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums. You can find more information on the project at

This Month in GLAM – Issue XII, Volume XI – December 2021

Australia report: Writing The Record: the Australian Music Wikipedia project launches

Colombia report: We were editing about Bogotan writers

Croatia report: Ab ovo. Towards future reports...

New Zealand report: The New Zealand Wikidata thesis project

Poland report: Safeguarding the heritage of a community

Sweden report: Commons project with Göteborg museums was a success; Digital humaniora meets Wikidata; HBTQI, Europeana and WiR

UK report: 2021 in Review

USA report: Smithsonian Institution Training

Content Partnerships Hub report: Adding more Structured Data on Commons statements

WMF GLAM report: Some structured data developments

Calendar: January's GLAM events

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