On Sun, Jan 3, 2021 at 2:00 PM Gnangarra <gnangarra@gmail.com> wrote:
> A portion of our grant to Tides Advocacy will be used to launch the Wikimedia Knowledge Equity Fund, a new fund that the Wikimedia Foundation is establishing this fiscal year to invest in new grant-making opportunities in support of groups that are advancing equitable, inclusive representation in free knowledge.

Does this mean that funds will be used for work not related to Wikimedia projects?

since our goal is to "freely share the sum of all knowledge"  anything that leads to that goal does benefit the projects, there are place and reasons thats not happening because of other issues so if this is a solution to some of those then its worth the effort.  Everything that is freely licensed becomes available to the Movement anyway

I assumed that was the rationale behind the wording. It's just an assumption, so I'm asking for clarification.

During the Strategy discussions it became clear that part of the community is concerned about the WMF moving from support to the Wikimedia movement to a grant-making organization for external projects.