For starters, I would like to thank outgoing board members DocJames and Raystorm for their service to the community by dedicating a lot of time on board meetings, processing tons of mail, and so on. 

Mario, you are right. An increase in the number of seats will increase the diversity given a representative election system such as (Meek) STV. 
On meta you can find a table of the outcome of the election when varying the available seats from 1 to 8.[1]

In case 8 seats were available both Elina en Iván would have also been elected, adding to the much wanted increase in diversity, in whatever way you look at these two people. Electing 4 seats now, and 4 seats next year doesn't help in increasing the diversity using a representative election system. Against electing all seats at once is the argument for continuity and to limit board turnover. Maybe we should lean more on appointed seats for continuity, or as Chris Keating has suggested, select community sourced board members from this year's election. However Nat and Shani didn't run this year, and they might seek reelection next year. I wish the board a lot of wisdom and strength regarding balancing multiple values.

This is good news for what is next. What is next? Election of 7 seats in the Movement Charter Drafting Committee (MCDC). Given the analysis of the board election and the availability of 7 seats in the election, I am confident the election outcome will show a lot of diversity. Later 6 persons will be appointed by affiliates, and another 2 by the WMF. The elections and the appointments will come from the same pool of self-nominations.[2] The MCDC will most likely institute a Global Council with a lot of room at the table - some say 40 to 60 seats, others over a 100, we will see -  to accommodate the diversity of our movement.

There are already over 40 candidates for the MCDC. Compliments to the people who have recruited so many nominations from the continent of Africa. So far no one nominated themselves from East Asia. How can we recruit nominations from that region? Without any of them in the pool, it is hard to elect or appoint someone.

The period of self-nomination closes in 5 days!


Ad Huikeshoven

On Thu, Sep 9, 2021 at 1:22 PM Mario Gómez <> wrote:

Also, rather than focusing on how different voting schemes would have affected some candidates to be one position up or down, wider diversity and representativity could be achieved by just electing 8 seats from community elections.