Get your facts straight. Mike is not an employee nor a spokesperson for the Wikimedia Foundation.  Andreas has a set of hobby horses. That is fine but it does not follow that we have to be grateful for them. Yes, there are plenty of issues with all of our projects and at that, English sets a pattern that is hardly beneficial for the smallest projects.

On Fri, 27 Aug 2021 at 07:43, <hillbillyholiday@gmail.com> wrote:

I am appalled by your sneering condescension of Andreas.

This is a researcher and journalist who has worked diligently for a decade to identify, examine and expose the systematic failings which beset Wikipedia. He generously offers practical soultions to problems the WMF is unaware of.  It is unquestionable that he has knows more about and has done more to improve the encyclopedia than you.

As a spokesperson for a charity that exists to promote knowledge, your sarcastic and dismissive attitude is utterly shameful.

If you think only a few "insignificant" sites like Croatian or Japanese Wikipedia have areas run by ultranationalists, think again -- English Wikipedia has articles completely controlled by terrorist groups right now. I would tell you which ones but it seems you are are uninterested and unconcerned by extremist groups successfully pushing their agenda on this ostensibly educational website.

Administrators and arbitrators are aware of the problem and have been for years. So far they have been unwilling or unable to act decisively.
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