Hello Librarians and library lovers,

From May 15th to June 5th 2021, we will be joining together once again to continue providing reliable and factual information to the world through Wikipedia and the #1lib1ref. To participate is easy, simply add a citation to Wikipedia!![1]


May Experiments 

This May  we are focused on: 

  •  growing the campaign in East and South East Asia with local affiliates -- if you want to help contact Felix Nartey via (fnartey@wikimedia.org) or Venus Lui (vlui-ctr@wikimedia.org).

  • working closely with AfLIA to sustain our relationship with the Librarians network in Africa. Last year the participation from African Librarians was overwhelming, recording about 84% of the total numbers of edits attained (33,257). This surged our campaign to a staggering increase of 394%YoY for the May campaign.[2] 

  • Supporting our long standing partner for the campaigns, IFLA as they explore citations on Wikidata [3][4]

How can you engage?

We invite you to engage in three ways:

  • Make an edit - Participate globally and virtually by adding citations to Wikipedia.[5]

  • Organise - Lead a community activity or event in your library, country or region.[6]

  • Amplify -  Share and just keep sharing the campaign within your networks and help us reach out to library and research communities around the world.[7]


Join local events or editathons

If you are organising an activity virtually or providing a space to teach or train people with an interest in the campaign, please add your event(s) here.[8] In light of the pandemic, we strongly encourage virtual activities and advise everyone to follow the WHO health guidelines.[9] If restrictions have been lifted in your country and are considering organising in-person events, kindly follow the Wikimedia COVID risk assessment for events.[10]

Ensure all your contributions are recorded by using the #1Lib1Ref hashtag in your edit summary! Add your activity to the campaign dashboard to help us track the activities happening across the globe.[11] This is very important for us to monitor the reach and success of the initiative. 

Learn more in our office hour

Join the next campaigns office hour on Thursday 13th May at 3:00pm UTC, where we will share about strategies in Asia and Africa, under the theme “exploring regional or thematic approaches to campaigns in tackling topics of interest”.[12]

Please tell your library, researcher and knowledge-loving friends about #1Lib1Ref in May. We need everyone's help to make Wikipedia more reliable!


You can join the 1Lib1Ref community via the Libraries (libraries@lists.wikimedia.org), and 1Lib1Ref (1lib1ref@lists.wikimedia.org) mailing lists, or by joining the Wikimedia + Libraries User Group.[13]


Venus Lui

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