Yes, that's it. Vector was obsolete when it was deployed. New Vector would be obsolete even when Vector was created. It is 2021 and we still can't edit by mobile phone. It is 2021 and most of the tools outside the biggest Wikipedias are broken. It is 2021 and the Vector redesign doesn't take into account that coordinates are a thing. But yes, we do have 100.000.000$ so we can see how Internet was back in the 1990s also in the future.

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Subject: [Wikimedia-l] Re: 100$ million dollars and still obsolete
Indeed, the lack or modernisation of the web interface, and lack of an improved Android/iPhone (or simply "smartphone") editing app[1] are possibly some of the major areas to focus.
If the "next billion internet users", a term we often used to use are not getting involved as much as we expected, possibly "interface" is one reason behind it.

[1] I am aware of the currently available apps.

শুক্র, 15 অক্টো., 2021 12:03 AM তারিখে Galder Gonzalez Larrañaga <> লিখেছেন:
Dear all,
Today I learned that, despite having $100 million in the Endowment fund, we can't have a design team big enough to make our websites not look like they're stuck in 2001. I don't know if anyone is behind the wheel, but the car is expensive.


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