Thank you for this update, and congratulations to all!

It's great to see many Wikimedians who joined the movement more recently serving on the board of executives!  I think it demonstrates maturity, community health, and continuity that Wikimedia Indonesia has been able to achieve this.

Best wishes and much success in your endeavors!


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On Sun, Jul 10, 2022 at 11:08 PM Rachmat W. <> wrote:
Dear Wikimedians,

As you may know, Biyanto (Chair of WMID 2016–2021) has officially announced his departure from Wikimedia Indonesia a few weeks ago. We are very much appreciate for his valuable contributions to WMID over the past six years and making WMID even better and being able to work and collaborate with some of you.

In my email, I would like to update you on some changes from our side, such as the organizational structure changes (board of executives and board of trustees) and the 2021 organizational report.

In February 2022, WMID held a General Meeting of Members to elect the Chair and Board of Trustees. A total of 42 members of the meeting attended and elected the Chair and Board of Trustees to serve for three years until 2024.

Wikimedia Indonesia Board of Executives for 2022–2024 are as follows:
  • Rachmat, as elected Chair. Rachmat is a member of WMID and Wikimedian since 2012. Previously served as Deputy Treasurer (2016–2018) and General Secretary (2019–2021).
  • Hillun, as General Secretary (appointed). She is a Wikipedian since 2014 and member of WMID since 2015. Previously served as Deputy General Secretary (2019–2021).
  • Hardiansyah, as Deputy General Secretary (appointed). He is a Wikimedian since 2015 and member of WMID since 2017.
  • Fajarwati, as Treasurer (appointed). She is a Wikipedian since 2016 and member of WMID since 2017. Previously served as member of Board of Trustees (2019–2021).
  • Thirza, as Deputy Treasurer (appointed). She is a Wikipedian and member of WMID since 2017. Served as Deputy Treasurer (2019–2021).
We also have new Board of Trustees who serve for the period of 2022–2024:
  • Andri, as Chair of Board of Trustees. He is one of WMID founding members and Wikimedian since 2006.
  • Ichsan, as member of Board of Trustees. Also one of the WMID founding member and Wikimedian since 2006.
  • Annayu, as member of Board of Trustees. She is a member of WMID since 2018.
  • Fachria, as member of Board of Trustees. Served as member of Board of Trustees (2019–2021) and member of WMID since 2016.
  • Hendra, as member of Board of Trustees. He served as Deputy Treasurer in 2012–2015 and member of WMID since 2011. He is also a Wikipedian since 2009.
In the past month, we have already wrapped up the 2021 organizational and financial report, which can be accessed here: (in Indonesian and English).

We would also like to extend our sincere gratitude to Ivonne who held the position of Deputy Chair (2019-2021) and Djohan who was Treasurer during the same term.

This is all the information we wanted to share with all of you. We look forward to meeting and chatting with you about what we can work on together.

Teriring salam dan terima kasih,

Rachmat W.
Ketua Umum (Chair), Direktur Proyek (Project Director)
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