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> > The correct question is: does it still do anything of value?
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> Even with all output options broken it is still a decent user interface for creating and organizing collections of articles.

This may well be true, but I'm wondering how much is it *actually* used. I know I never use it, but it's possible that thousand of other people do. If it's true, then everything is fine. I can't find a log of its usage, or a statistics page that shows how often do people use this feature.

It currently appears in at least two prominent places:
1. "Create a book" link in the desktop sidebar (in some wikis; I don't see it in the English Wikipedia, but I do see it in Swedish and Basque).
2. "Extensions used by Wikimedia - Main" group in translatewiki.net, which means that volunteer localizers are asked to translate it with (relatively) high priority.

If only, say, five people use it in the whole Wikimedia universe, then perhaps someone should consider downgrading its prominence or maybe removing it entirely.

On translatewiki, I can move it from "Extensions used by Wikimedia - Main" to "Extensions used by Wikimedia - Advanced" or even to "Extensions used by Wikimedia - Legacy", but again, before I do this, I'd like to make sure that it's not actually used by a lot of people.

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