Wikimedia-l June 2019
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Odp: Re: Fram en.wp office yearlock block
by Michał Buczyński
5 years

Wikimedia Foundation Form 990 for FY 2017-2018 now on-wiki
by Jaime Villagomez
5 years

Seeking feedback on the initial design of the Contraband tool
by Rammanoj Potla
5 years

Recognition of the Grupo de Usuários Wiki Movimento Brasil
by Kirill Lokshin
5 years

[Wikimedia Announcements] This Month in GLAM: May 2019
by The 'This Month in GLAM' team
5 years

New tutorial video on submitting media via OTRS + request for help
by Asaf Bartov
5 years

Form 990
by Mister Thrapostibongles
5 years

Quod facit beatus hic sabbati? / What's making you happy this week? (Week of 2 June 2019)
by Pine W
5 years

Transparent Economy: new project proposal
by Pino de Candia
5 years
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