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Re: [Wikimedia-l] Subject for Wikimedia Hackathon(s) 2014-2015: CoSyne
by Balázs Viczián
8 years

Wikimedia DC Q3 2013-14 Activity Report
by Kirill Lokshin
8 years

[Wikimedia Announcements] Fwd: Please welcome Kristen Lans, ScrumMaster
by Arthur Richards
8 years

[Wikimedia Announcements] The Signpost -- Volume 10, Issue 28 -- 23 July 2014
by Wikipedia Signpost
8 years

[Wikimedia Announcements] Announcing Arthur Richards as Team Practices Manager
by Erik Moeller
8 years

Wikimania: Don't forget to register!
by Edward Saperia
8 years

Wikimedia Deutschland – Transition Team and Interim Executive Director
by Tim Moritz Hector
8 years

Europeana post on Wikimedia Commons large batch upload projects
by Fæ
8 years

[Wikimedia Announcements] Court Victory in Italy
by Michelle Paulson
8 years

Catching copy and pasting early
by James Heilman
8 years
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