Hello everyone,

West Bengal Wikimedians User Group has joined hands with different other Wikimedia affiliates from all over world to celebrate International Museum Day 2022 by hosting a 2-weeks long Wikidata competition on museums from 4 May to 18 May 2022. The focus of the user group would be to enrich data about museums in West Bengal only.

The Wikidata event page is here - https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Wikidata:Events/International_Museum_Day_2022

The event page on Meta is here - https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/International_Museum_Day_2022

You can enroll here - https://outreachdashboard.wmflabs.org/courses/wikidata/International_Museum_Day_West_Bengal_(2022)

The top 3 contributors who will enrich data about museums in West Bengal will be awarded 150 euros worth of gifts each, which will be sent from different museum shops from Europe like Louvre, Vatican Museum, Wien Museum etc. by Volunteer Supporters Network.
Hope to see you there increasing the presence of museums from West Bengal on Wikidata.

(On behalf of West Bengal Wikimedians User Group)