Great progress by the younger generation of WikiPuneris! Well done! Keep it up!

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We are conducting sessions for members from past two weeks, here is report of over all activity.

This Part 1 mail will show about Facebook interaction which was "based" on Wikipedia per edit activity.

Female participation percent is still high (more than 57%) , we have maintain it, as well as we have to increase male participation also.

Members are editing articles varying from Salman Khan to M.N.S to Priyanka Chopra on Marathi Wikipedia and Odia Wiki (Thats Surprise) . Somewhat we managed to keep it as "fun".

Improving Quality edits should be next on agenda.

Thanks to Pratik Lahoti for on-ground help for Editing Sunday at Jetking!

Also Thanks to all of you for continuous support and guidance!

What Next?

1.Complete focus on improving Marathi Wikipedia and Indic Languages Wiki

2.Next (Full Day) Workshop on 17th June 2012 - For existing Members (Free Snacks/Tea-Coffee plus Air Conditioned 3 Internet Labs Booked).

3.Full Day Workshop for New Members (To be decided soon)

Keep Supporting, Keep Inspiring!

-Abhihek Suryawanshi
On Behalf of Wikipedia Club Pune.

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Ashwin Baindur