Dear All,

Sorry for sending email for the discussion points so late....

It was a new place called Ranade institute where we had our monthly meet.

The mail agenda for meet up was -

Set up a long-term plan for a year's worth of Wikipuneri activities, with detailed planning for Wikipedia activities .

1. Discuss and plan for outreach activities in Pune

2. Communication and reporting of various activities of events

3. Reporting of past events like Marathi Wikisrot launch, Wiki academies

4. Discuss on increase member strength in Pune

5. Discuss immd. project in Pune and the support required

The response was good and many points and ideas came from wikipedians. Here is the brief summery of the same.

1. Discussed more on the launch of Marathi Wikisource and discussed various activities to grow it further. Radha madam suggested to have a program with Madhav Vaze (who played the role of Shyam in the movie "Shyamchi Aai" when all the books epecially Shyamchi Aai gets uploaded on Marathi Wikisrot.

2. Abhijit Safai suggested some ideas including discussion with MS-CIT members for increase the contribution in Wikipedia and wikisrot. A meeting is getting planned.

3. Abhishek suggested to have 2 day residential program on May to increase the reach of Wikipedia in nearby districts like Nagar, Satara, Nashik, Kolhapur. We all will support him.

4. Mandar briefed about the activities in Ranade institute including wiki academy. We need support from more members in this.

5. It was also agreed that we are doing activities in good pace but are bit lazy in reporting the same in various mailing lists, mail groups and media. We can make of google groups for the same.

6. All members are requested to get added in the yahoo mailing list.

7. Ashwin also shared some ideas regarding the India English Wikipedia and Wikipedia loves monuments activity.

Pls. add any more points if I missed anything.

Mandar V Kulkarni