Can you help me with Venu and logistic team? I can use your coordinating skills 

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Sent: Thursday, 25 August 2011 1:12 AM
Subject: [Wikimedia-in-mum] Change of role for AshLin

Hello friends,

The WikiConference is going great guns and each day more progress is made and more things are becoming real. :)

Health issues have kept me offline or on low level of activity for quite long now. As I was occupying the post of Secretary, the load went onto the Chairperson Pranav Curumsey & Treasurer Pradeep Mohandas. Uncomplainingly, they have taken the load. I'm grateful to them for the support they have constantly given me and the faith they placed in me. However, as the Conference comes closer, more things need to be done and a lameduck Secretary is a liability.  This is not fair to Pranav/Pradeep, the hosting communities or the Conference working group. For this reason, I'm stepping down so that another in greater health can give the Conference the time and attention it deserves.

In WikiConference 2011, the Secretary's post is being occupied by a Wikimedian from Pune. Accordingly, Pune Community has requested Mandar Kulkarni, who works in Marathi Wikipedia and is an active member of Pune Community to please carry out these duties. I request all concerned to please give him the support and goodwill that you gave me.

I want to thank all the good friends and colleagues on the Working Group, Mumbai & Pune communities and also the members of the Advisory group, WMF office and the Chapter for the help, companionship, camaderie and support.

But be of good cheer, though AshLin cant provide regular clockwork type of work required from a Secretary, he is still around to help organise the WikiConference, alongwith you but in a manner which gives him a few breaks (without feeling guilty).

I am planning to work on  Outreach and also help any team requiring assistance, besides supporting all concerned. Feel free to approach me in these regards,

Thanks once again, everybody.

Warm regards,

Ashwin Baindur

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