Since my post yesterday morning, we have had responses from the Chapter on the list. It is heartening to note that the chapter is beginning to look on the community as a source of input. We welcome this attitude of the Chapter and look forward to an improved relationship with them.

But as User:Around the Globe pointed out - Time is of the essence. Part of the reason the community is frustrated with the chapter is its time lag in any action. Slow responses are detrimental to the chapter's interest. Aside from the fact that such late responses will cause inconvenience to all stakeholders thereby invoking their displeasure, there is an opportunity cost that may lead to no result or failure in some cases and reduced success in others. In the day of Skype, Facebook. Twitter, emails etc it is difficult to understand why a small group of people cannot electronically confer and make up their minds on most issues within 48 or 72 hours.

There may be another explanation - love of bureaucracy. The Chapter must realise that it is actually quite a small team. As we know small is beautiful and small teams can be agile and extremely responsive. Should a love of bureaucracy be the case, we urge the chapter to cut down the inessentials and concentrate on the core issues and decide quickly. 

Paraphrasing Gen Patton and mixing up aphorisms - A mediocre plan energetically executed today is better than a brilliant plan tomorrow, partly because tomorrow may never come. As of now, only only way to resolve this is for the Chapter to make a conscious effort to make up its mind quickly and act fast.  

We are hopeful the Chapter will take this feedback from the community in the right spirit, i.e. as an improvement point rather than criticism, and act on it so that this issue becomes redundant henceforth.

Warm regards,

Ashwin Baindur