Before making a decision on this, I suggest to conduct a survey among existing Marathi wikipedians. 

We cannot enforce a typing scheme on newbies when we are not getting enough contributes to Marathi wikipedia. Even the latest report shows Marathi wikipedia has just 47 active contributors. If transliteration is brining in more new users  please go for that. If Inscript is brining in more new users use that.  I am not sure how many of the existing users are using InScript. So make a decision based on the typing habit of existing users and potential new users. 

The aim should be bringing in more Marathi speakers to marathi wiki.

2011/12/13 Saleel Kulkarni <>

I agree with and endorse each of Sushant’s statements.



Saleel Kulkarni


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Thanks for this forward.
In my opinion the transliteration should not be the default input method. It should made available as non default.
1. Inscript is the standard keyboard layout approved by Govt. of India and thus it is our duty to encourage it's use.
2. When we make inscript non default, we are encouraging people not tto use it.
3. If any one does not know or does not want to use Inscript, she can use other methods i. e. transliteration etc.
4. There is no standard transliteration scheme available. All available schemes differ with each other in some points. Thus it is not a wise decision to make a non standard method as default.
It should be available as non default.


2011/12/13 Mahitgar from Marathi Wikipedia <>

Dear All

From Marathi Language Wikipedia we had requested mediawiki technical team to make a phonetic Marathi font  transliteration system default for all anonymous users and new editors who have not completed edits upto 500 edits  just simply because if we study edits of new comers and anonymous users it seems that they usualy do not understand how to enable present optional transliteration system.


the Narayam extension as updated for Marathi Language is in beta version available for testing at . We have received following reply to our  Our technical request  which is  submitted at


This is for your information and discussion after the discussion we will put the information on Marathi Wikipedia poll page and confirm apropriate marathi wikipedia community decesion.


Following forwarded reply is self explanatory, We seek openions from all of you so this is for your information and discussion .Please keep this discussion in english so non marathi development team members can understand our discussion.







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> Dear All ,
> Thanks for updating Narayam to Marathi Language requirements in recent
> Hackathon in Mumbai.(You can view the google online presentation at
> []
> Now herewith Marathi Language Wikipedia requests to enable Narayam extension on
> Marathi Language Wikipedia with along with following features (Please see
> Community aprovalविकिपीडिया:कौल )

The extension is available at , and we marked as beta till we
get feedback from the community that it is stable can be enabled in
mr.wikipedia. So please test and give us confirmation that it works as

> 1)Narayam should be default font inputting system  for all unregistered users
> and all users for upto 500 edit

We can make Narayam enabled by default. But the extension does not check the
edits count.

> 2) The requested inputting facility should be applicable on all  namespaces
> including  inter active popup windows meant for inserting links and references

This should be ok.

> 3)Also applicable  at edit summary,all search windows,all input boxes specialy
> "type=create" group

The extension will be enabled in all editable fields.

> 4)Shall have Marathi inscript keyboard layout option too as per windows
> non-default  option

Transliteration is the default one.

> 5)Should be applicable to all skins including vector

We don't support all the mediiawiki skins. Extension  supports Vector,
Monobook, Modern skins.

> 6. Narayam should be default to above said user category to New User Creation
> and User Login

Extension does not distinguish uses based on any category.

> 7.Narayam keyboard structure should be editable to Marathi Wikipedia sysops at
> local level

No, The extension does not provide this feature.

If the community is ok with the extension after verifying it at,  please inform us here. We will enable it in mr wikis in the
next i18n deployment.

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