Today is 11 June. Two months to the day that User:Around The Globe aka Wheredevelsdare suggested a WikiConference. That particular thread was well received and replied to by the following -
* A global trustee of WMF.
* An editor from Pune Community.
* A Chapter Member
* Global Development Officer of the Wikimedia Foundation
* A member of international community.

Since then, Arjuna Rao Chawala attended a meetup in Pune on 14 May 2011 about the Conference. Much debate has taken place since then on which a key topic has been Chapter's recalcitrance to endorse the Conference. Two days ago, Jimbo accepted our invitation and gave firm dates for visiting India. Yet we hear no word from the Chapter. 

When we protested the Chapter's treatment of the Community, we were actually acknowledging the Chapter's legitimacy and were basically fighting to get the voice of the community heard. Strangely, the Chapter has been silent except for thanking community members for the feedback and other unrelated issues. Our expectation was that the chapter would wake up from its reverie and say words to this effect - 

"Gosh guys, sorry, we were lost in thought elsewhere! Of course we are with you, you go right ahead and how can we help you?"

It is quite baffling as to why the Chapter is dilly-dallying in whole-heartedly supporting a meaningful endeavour by the community which it was formed to serve. 

Obviously, internal issues are absorbing the Chapter to the extent that Community issues are not getting the attention they deserve.

If we have no concrete message of support by Sunday night, we would be forced to begin planning and pray that the Chapter resolves its  internal issues sooner rather than later and decides to partner the Community in hosting the Conference at the earliest. We have waited with good grace while the Chapter took two months for its initial unfortunate response on 07 June and tomorrow will be the sixth day since then. 

Strangely, I feel like Alice in Wonderland. After two months of running forward, we find ourselves standing till at the same spot - still waiting for Chapter approval. Sometime in the very near future, work will have to begin with or without the Chapter. Its upto the Chapter and I for one feel that it would be most unfortunate if the Chapter were to be absent from our planning and preparations.

Warm regards,

Ashwin Baindur

On Fri, Jun 10, 2011 at 11:43 AM, Gautam John <> wrote:
Great! Thanks so much, Ashwin.

Thank you.