That's interesting. The word 'Gye' can mean two different things depending on the context in which it was used. But referring to the "Gye Nyame" statement, it means, "Except God" or "Unless God".

"Accept God"? Not true, based on the context. It is right to say so, but looking at the background of that statement, its "Except God"

On Tuesday, January 21, 2014, Enock Seth Nyamador <kwadzo459@gmail.com> wrote:
Hello Everyone,

As most of you know, I can only speed pure Ewe. lol

There was an edit on Adinkra Symbols and got into a discussion with another Wikipedian. After he undid and an anonymous users edit from "except God" to "Accept God". I undid his edit and notified him it's 'Except'.

Can someone tell me the words that are used in English to refer to 'Gye'

and 'Gye Nyame' I know all this while is 'Except God'


- Enock.

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