Yet another thread that interests me.

Glad I got to share my thoughts on that with the wmf team in Ghana.

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Dear fellow Wikimedians, dear Florence,

as the Wiki loves Africa 2019 competition is coming to its close I would like to bring back the question which I raised already in December 2018:

1. Do others share my impression that images from the competition are hardly ever used in wikipedia articles?

2. Do others have the impression that the present approach for Wiki Loves Africa does not help much to close the knowledge gap about Africa?

When I posted in December some participants here voiced interest but wanted to wait for a feedback fom the organizers. Such a feedback I have not seen. So allow me to repeat some lines from my first post:

I was an early fan of the idea of "Wiki Loves Africa" but I have to confess that my fan status has cooled over time. I cannot claim to have done a comprehensive reseach but did some checks here and there.
So I have the impression that
a) the competition has brought a number of really beautiful photographs
b) the competition has brought lots of images which are not used anywhere in wikipedia articles (my short checks give me the impression that could be the case for the vast majority of images produced)

and I ask myself if the reason  may be that a lot of these mages is frankly unusable.
I remember that prize selected image showing some beautiful ladies in Massai attire knitting under a tree  (the year of adornment) which was selected in a winner category but is unusable for any purpose (unless you want to document fake stereoptypes - the motive was fake...)

There is a lot of nice looking images which I do not know how to use because of their not clear labelling, unhelpful categories and useless explanations. It helps me as author nothing to see an image and a text like "traditional tools of Ghana/Malawi/etc". This is unusable and useless.

I write this not from the point of view of a lover of beauty (my taste is poor) but just simply from the view of a wikipedia author. I would love to have some  thousand images (not necessarily beautiful) which just show African villages. We know the criticism about the white spots on the African maps of knowledge. Villages back home in Germany may have less than 1000 inhabitants but 3 articles about the village, about its church and about the sports club. Images are available and people look for them.

I do not want to denigrate Wiki loves Africa but i would love to hear from others how they see the value of the results as they have been so far.  Why do we do it - what do we get from it? How can images about "play" be useful for closing the white spaces on the African map of knowledge?

Cheers, Ingo - "Kipala"
Jenga Wikipedia ya Kiswahili user group

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