Dear Noble Members,

It is important for us to meet, discuss and speak on issues that concern our work as volunteers. This is our opportunity to keep our voice on record and to share the things that are not known or specific to our context.

Let me use this medium to say that it is crucial that we start attending events, meetings, etc. because that is the only we can grow our community and shape our future. I entreat all can to attend and lets make this discussion worth its while.

Hope to see you all soon....

Felix Nartey

On Thu, Apr 13, 2017 at 11:28 AM, Sandister Tei <> wrote:
Representatives to the meeting are to share what they learned also I am supposed to coordinate a discussion about the 2030 strategy. Now I am aware we have members all around the country.

I wish that at least one active editor from each region attends this meeting. You can apply for your transportation costs to handled by a travel grant (TPS).

We will hold it on a weekend so everyone can make it.

Please go here to register your interest. Please know that it will have to be a weekend.

Sandister Tei

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