I have been to the event page (which I encourage all to also do) and advise Wikimedia Ghana attends as participants and observers. The event organiser(s) is not aware we exist as a group and also don't seem to be aware that outreaches are being conducted in Ghana by us.  They only know of Rex & Sandister as Wikipedians in Ghana but really do not have an indept knowlege of our activities as a group. Since this event intends to out souvenirs, here is what is advised we do:

My take

We are not partners of this event. I therefore think our members should be given T shirts to wear to the event instead rather than giving out our stuff over there.

Those attending will be encouraged to please carry themselves as participants and representatives of PWMGH and keenly observe as we are going to count on their feedback/reports

What say ye people, reaching a consensus sooner is going to help us decide earlier how we intend to participate in this event.

(WikiGH PRO)