Count me in madam. Who doesn't want to be featured by a Jomec journalist? 

I'm not experienced editor y. I'm free for a video call interview. Lemme know when you're good so I tell you how it's benefited me. 

Menp3 wei na mep3 d3n.

On Thu, Mar 27, 2014 at 3:40 PM, Sandister Tei <> wrote:

Aside the WMF blog, lots of websites around the world report on WMF and Wikipedia issues, and people read from them as much if not more than the WMF blog itself. 

I have an old and almost empty blog I am trying to revive and one of my beats will be Wikimedia with relevance and focus on Ghana. Usually, I repackage the same content for our blog as well when I have time.

Those that just activated Hovercards, please contact me to show your interest as I'd like to do a story on how important that new feature is for you as a user not for editors who used the popup version (experienced editors know what I mean).

Contact me personally if you are interested in being featured in my article. Rex, I see you are an advocate so you are in by force.

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