Ghana mmom paaa, eish hmmm, me ho mpo adwiri me.

Lots of questions running through my mind, but all concentrate on what's hand for now.

Okay so its a great event. Wiki GH, roooll out...


On Mar 18, 2014 10:14 PM, "Oral Ofori" <> wrote:

By event page I mean this:

I hope those of us who are unawares of the above will actually make the time to browse it. I see Rexford is in agreement here, who else is if I might ask?

PS: the shirt, even if worn by only two of our reps at this event would be enough to let all who see know that there's a wikiGH on the ground over the past 3 years.

Anyone else got a 2 cent to add while we wrap this up?


On Mar 18, 2014 4:05 PM, "Nkansah Rexford" <> wrote:

By saying "event page" you're referring to Barcamp Tema page?

I think the T-shirt should be given to reps of Wikimedia GH at the event. That is, they should be wearing it whiles entering there, and not to be given to them there.

Ato currently has the goodies, and will be the best to exercise genuine discretion in ensuring those who deserve really get, especially, the T-shirt.

Until anyone goes Wikimania London, no goodies for us since no request for more will be placed soon.

Our presence must be felt and it starts with the team within.

In summary; goodies priority? Giving goodies to Members and 'satisfying' them first.

On Mar 18, 2014 9:54 PM, "Oral Ofori" <> wrote:


I have been to the event page (which I encourage all to also do) and advise Wikimedia Ghana attends as participants and observers. The event organiser(s) is not aware we exist as a group and also don't seem to be aware that outreaches are being conducted in Ghana by us.  They only know of Rex & Sandister as Wikipedians in Ghana but really do not have an indept knowlege of our activities as a group. Since this event intends to out souvenirs, here is what is advised we do:

My take

We are not partners of this event. I therefore think our members should be given T shirts to wear to the event instead rather than giving out our stuff over there.

Those attending will be encouraged to please carry themselves as participants and representatives of PWMGH and keenly observe as we are going to count on their feedback/reports

What say ye people, reaching a consensus sooner is going to help us decide earlier how we intend to participate in this event.

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