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From: Jake Orlowitz <>
Date: Mon, Jul 13, 2015 at 9:28 PM
Subject: [Wikimedia-l] 5 New Visiting Scholars Positions Open (now under Wiki Ed)
To: "" <>, "" <>

The Wikipedia Library <> is pleased to announce
five new Wikipedia Visiting Scholars
<> positions
with US and Canadian universities and research organizations as part of an
program expansion.

Visiting Scholars are remote, unpaid Wikipedia editors who become
affiliated with top research libraries. They receive full access to the
partner library’s e-resources to expand topics of institutional interest
which also need development on Wikipedia. This marks the second successful
round of institutions participating in the program

These new positions will be coordinated and managed by the Wikipedia
Library’s movement partner, the Wiki Education Foundation
<> (Wiki Ed). Wiki
Ed will process applications, connect to schools, and drive the growth of
the program in the North American region. They are in an excellent position
to help expand Visiting Scholars because of their extensive existing
connections to universities and desire to support Wikipedia’s best content

We invite Wikipedia editors who specialize in content creation, and would
like access to a full research library, to apply for these new unpaid,
remote affiliate positions at the following research libraries:

   - *McMaster University
   <>* is a public
   university in Hamilton, Ontario
   <,_Ontario>, Canada. The library’s
   holdings in their Division of Research Collections and Archives contain
   many valuable and unique resources, with emphases in areas such as peace
   and war (with a particular emphasis on the Holocaust
   <> and resistance), Bertrand
   Russell <>, Canadian
   literature and popular culture.
   - *DePaul University <>* is
   a private university in Chicago <>,
   Illinois. The library is looking for Wikipedians who can focus on Chicago
   history, Catholic social justice studies, and/or Vincentian Studies
   (including French history during the Napoleonic Era
   - *The Smithsonian Institution
   established in 1846 “for the increase and diffusion of knowledge,” is a
   group of museums and research centers administered by the Government of the
   United States. The Warren M. Robbins Library of the National Museum of
   African Art
   <> is
   looking for a Wikipedian in Residence that can focus on modern African art
   and artists.
   - *The University of Pittsburgh
   <>* (PITT) is a
   state-related research university in Pittsburgh
   <>, Pennsylvania. This Visiting
   Scholar position will work with PITT’s Archives Service Center, Special
   Collections and Center for American Music to focus on: Pittsburgh and
   Pennsylvanian history including urban renewal in Pittsburgh, childhood in
   the industrial era of Pittsburgh, music composers of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh
   theater or significant literary figures from Pittsburgh; Colonial American
   history; historic American songs; or philosophy of science.
   - *The University of Washington
   <>* (UW), commonly
   referred to as Washington or, informally, UDub, is a public research
   university in Seattle <>,
   Washington. This Visiting Scholar position will work with UW’s Special
   Collections and focus on labor and the working classes in the Pacific
   Northwest, all aspects of Pacific Northwest history and literature, and
   Pacific Northwest architecture.

Full application information is available at the Wiki Education Foundation
signup page <>.<>

Wiki Ed also invites editors to apply for a Visiting Scholar placement
pool. The pool will help grow the Visiting Scholar program by creating a
list of willing and interested candidates to offer to new partner
libraries. With the interests and needs of pre-qualified Wikipedians in
hand, Wiki Ed can work to find libraries that match your interests.

Access to research libraries as part of one of these visiting scholar
positions creates considerable opportunities for Wikipedia editors. It
allows them access to services and tools, including multiple paywalled
databases, integrated search and discovery tools, research collections and
recommendations from specialist librarians, and expert consultation. In
return, editors can begin a conversation with the library, which creates
opportunities for greater understanding and communication between these
universities and the wider Wikipedia community.

*The Wikipedia Library*
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