Africa Day

In the global Wikimedian and Wikipedian community we host events called editathons where we (editors) meet and edit Wikipedia articles. Africa Day which is celebrating AU is on Monday the 25 May. It would have been a good time to meet but the notice is short. So in place of a meet up, let's head over and try to clean up this all important Africa Day article for the holiday. You can start contributing today.

Your membership

The community has a practice of checking if members are meeting their 5 articles per month active editor requirement. It is stated on our Join us page. Please note that to be a member of this community it is a must. You will always be a Wikimedian if you so wish. But to be a member of this usergroup, please you must live by example and maintain contributions.

User groups promote the WMF wikis and recruit editors. User groups need active members who know what they are doing to be able to also recruit others. Such active members are those we retain in the group.

I repeat you can always edit the wikis when you like. But to stay in this community, you have to maintain good editing practices.

Tshirts/ stickers / buttons

Members who are retained can have some community souvenirs. We will be contacting you on one-on-one basis to see how you are faring and also give you a date and time to pick your souvenirs.

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