Ghana, is our Press release ready?

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Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2012 13:56:46 +0200
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Hi all,

I would like to emphasize again that the press release will be sent out TODAY to our international channels. Feel free to do the same in your country. Tonight we will announce the international prizes of this year on our website in more detail (you all know already that the main prize will be a trip to Hong Kong combined with Wikimania). Please send out your local press communication these days too - that will increase the chance of the highest impact. At the WMF they will work on getting this on the international news agencies which may or may not help you in your local work (depending on your local press culture). 


2012/8/20 Barbara Fischer <>

the start of our contest is getting closer. We can start the count down in two days. But before please have a look on our project page. As scheduled we have provided you a mold or advisory for your own press work in form of a press release. Please feel free to alter it to your proper needs. 

Please update if possible the table with You own press contacts and press releases as soon as possible. 

Thanks to many of You the social media part is pretty active both on twitter and facebook. As it is a community project, social media will be very important channel to outreach beyond our own boundaries. Who would like to create an international Facebook page in Spanish on Wiki Loves Monuments? (and maintain it). Would anyone be willing to run a Pinterest and/or Instragram communication - we're not familiar enough with it to do so.There will be no centralized Flickr upload - if you want to use alternative upload channels you will have to do that on a national level. 

Please send us Your blogpost to publish on the international site: cool stories, experiences, lessons. You may start now. If every country postes one blog, we will be able to cover the whole month of action. If You like, You may send us your post and we will upload it for you.

Information on the international partners including their logos will be ready this week for download and national adaption at Wikimedia Commonns . Please make sure that you list your national partners with logos. We could subsequently upload them to the international website. We would appreciate, if You like to add the international partners and sponsors to you national sites to.


> the WLM app will be ready for use at 2012 - 09 - 01 
> the central notice will be ready for use at 2012 - 09 - 01 

I know you all work hard to update your national websites. Please let us know when you achieved it.

thanks Barbara

Barbara Fischer
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