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Von: "Rohit Dua" <>
Datum: 02.03.2014 16:35
Betreff: [Wikitech-l] GSOC-2014: Google Books > Internet Archive
An: <>

I'm Btech(2nd year) from India. I code in python/c/c++/javascript.

I have selected a mentorship project from Project
 named Google Books > Internet Archive > Commons upload cycle

I have a doubt about downloading ebooks from Google-Books.
Is it even legal(not against google's t&c).
If it is please guide me on how to get the downloads.
My ideas:
The Bot will surf Google-books and search the required book.
Then it will click on each link corresponding to each page number
(for the book), and then download the image(jpeg) for each page.

Note: The project is in python

We need community's valuable suggestions to improve the proposal.

Thanks a Lot.
Rohit Dua
JIIT, Noida
username: 8ohit.dua
IRC: rohit-dua

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