Awesome people.

Hope to have a 3rd African Chapter soon.

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Thats really impressive. You guys are welcome to the Wikimedia fold. 

Write to the mailing list ( if you will need any assistance. 

You can contact sandister or myself (rexford) personally for any assistance.


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Thank you for participation in the Wikipedia Breakout Session at BarCamp Accra on Saturday.

About Us

Planning Wikimedia Ghana (PWMGH) is the team working towards the establishment of a local Ghanaian Chapter of the Wikimedia Foundation. This chapter will be called Wikimedia Ghana. Our mission is to promote the use, editing and creation of free online resources of the Wikimedia Foundation's wiki projects in Ghana.

Please note: WIKIMEDIA is the power and community behind WIKIPEDIA and other online Wikimedia Project Websites and WIKIMANIA is just one of our many events.

A WIKIMEDIAN is a part of the community and works on different Wikimedia project sites. A WIKIPEDIAN is one who contributes to WIKIPEDIA.

Join Us 

To join see directives on this page. More information is also available there

Participation is two-way: 

(a) Simply be a Wikipedian with no obligation to PWMGH


(b) Be a Wikipedian then qualify to join PWMGH so you can assist in our outreach programmes


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From a well wisher in East Africa.
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