In fact, I went into the breakout session with the intention not to take anyone's contact whatsoever. I'm tired taking them.

I just told all in attendance to search for "Wikimedia Ghana User Group" online. If their search engine sends them to #KalyppoChallenge, well...

But I believe a word to a wise 'is in the north' so those who really wanna get going will get in touch if they really want to.

On Sunday, October 16, 2016, Ato Ulzen-Appiah <> wrote:

Oh, sorry Rexford. Contacts are not normally shared at breakout sessions. We'd make a note to fix that. Cced Rachel.

We can contact those who were at Barcamp Koforidua to ask who was in the session. If you send me a picture of the session, I could recognize people and give you contacts :-)

From what transpired, it was a good session and people learnt a lot.

We can target edits to the Koforidua, Koforidua Technical University and ANUC pages.

Thanks for the pictures.

Barcamp Accra dey. But there be Barcamp Ho, Kumasi and Sunyani before that.


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On 16 Oct 2016 19:52, "Nkansah Rexford" <> wrote:
Hello guys,

I was at the Barcamp Koforidua this year. I was part of a breakout session where Wikimedia world was discussed.

How many people joined the session? About 8. 

How many people were recruited? None. Did I take anyone's contact? No. Did anyone show enthusiasm to join? Not that I noticed.

Did Wikimedia/Wikipedia make sense to them? I think so. When one lecturer at ANUniversity came to appreciate the structure of Wikimedia and Wikipedia and why everything happens the way it does, everything I guess made more sense to him.

At the educational level, how people see Wikipedia and it's related project sites is very different and negative. If and should that be fixed, I'm sure the effects will bubble down to many in schools.

Will those who joined the breakout session become editors? I don't know. Will they get in touch to learn more? I don't know. Did they take something useful about Wikimedia home? Yes, absolutely. I gave Wiki-related handouts I received from Wikimedia UK to some in attendance.

A lecturer at Koforidua Poly plans to get in touch later in the course this week to further discuss if they could do something Wikipedia Education Program related. Will update this thread with more.

Are the pictures on Wikimedia Commons at the moment? Mine aren't, will upload in the course of this week.

I hope to be at the Accra Barcamp as well, then with a combined power from all the Wikimedia guys in Accra, we could push the Wikimedia word more.

Did I do a good job at Barcamp Koforidua 2016? I don't know.


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