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On 19 Mar 2014 23:51, "Felix Nartey" <> wrote:

Hi Guys,

Forgive me for my silence since my nomination as the community manager. I wish to inform you that even in my absence I meant well for you all and this community.

I have been thinking of ways to incite you, increase participation and our total impact in our country. I wish to clearly state that this community is opened to only those who are in sync with our objective, "To improve and add local contents to Wikipedia".We also wish to be regarded as the sole link to Wikipedia here in Ghana, operate as a body regulated under the Wikimedia foundation and conferred with the mandate to operate legally under its wings.

Henceforth edits, will be the only way to justify your status as a member of this community. Each member will be allocated a monthly target (number of edits), Other activities such as competitions, regular trainings, outreach programs and regular meet ups will also be organized. Failure to participate in any of these may result in withdrawal from this community. 

Expect a detailed mail for the activities lined up for the year soon.

Felix Nartey

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