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Date: Mon, Jul 11, 2016 at 9:28 PM
Subject: WLM 2016 Targets
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It is easy to spot the monuments we couldn't cover in 2012 during the WLM.

This year, can we make it our target to cover all of them?

After going through the list, below are the list of monuments without images on Commons (that I know of), which could be our potential targets:

Western Region
Central Region:
Eastern Region:
Ashanti Region:
  • Fort Kumasi
  • Kumasi Millitary Museum
  • Yaw Tano Shrine
  • Akwasi Sima Shrine
  • Tano Abenamu Subunu Shrine
  • Tano Kwadwo Shrine
  • Atuo Kosua Shrine
  • Kentinkrono Shrine
  • Tano Odomankoma Shrine
  • Asawase Shrine
  • Senemaso Shrine
The above list might be erred or incomplete. Roughly, these are the possible targets for this year's event. 

As much as we know about the above, what if they don't physically exist anymore? Well, one way to find out is to be there in person to see for ourselves during the event.

Even better is pinging our friends and family in these respective regions who might be close any of these monuments above. They could offer a bit of insights as to whether these places still exist or not.

Sandister will be sharing some or all of the above with her contacts across the country. We can also ask our friends or family. I have in mind a friend in the Upper Regions.

As we prep for this year's event, let's keep the list above in mind.

There are a bit of errors on the list. I'll be fixing them later on. 


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